In America, mass shootings are the order of the day these days.   They have become so common such that in nearly every day there is a shooting incident.  Unfortunately, this is one of the many points of gun Violence problems in America.   Everybody should come to terms with this reality.   Below are a few of these facts to help you understand the severity of these issues.   Many people believe that the mass shootings that we see reported nationwide are the separate gun violence incidents that happen to the children. You can click here for more information. 

 The truth is, there are more than a thousand children who die each year through someone with a gun.  The sad thing is that a majority of these killings are committed by someone they know right at their homes.  They are often associated with domestic violence.  You will learn that among the significant reasons for children and teenagers in America, studies have shown that firearms are number two.   There are usually some warning signs that these shooters show before committing the act.  They usually do this by posting some aggressive or violent messages on social media. 

Others will say something related to the incident to the people that are close to them before it happens.   Psychological distress, being violent and angry are also other signs that they show.  After the shooting, that is when many people came out reporting having seen these signs in them but did not think they could do something like that.   According to studies a majority of these shooters commit suicide also.   A majority of these mass shooters will either begin or end their violent season by killing their family members. 

 Many of the shots that happen, they are conducted lawfully using purchased weapons according to studies.  It is also a fact that some of these shooters were denied ownership of a gun at some point.   The most shocking thing is that these shooters commit the acts using some top capacity guns.  This is usually more tragic than it would have been if it was just a regular gun.   There is a role that you can play to ensure that you are secure together with the people that are close to you. To learn more about mass shooting click here. 

 For an instant, ensure that the gun you own is always well secured.  Getting a trigger lock for your gun will also play a significant role in becoming responsible for it.  There should also be regular shooter drills for everybody at schools.  The security in the schools should also be further enhanced to provide that these shooters do not gain access.   This is intended to raise awareness regarding the seriousness of the mass shootings in America, but not to make you live in fear.
Learn about the Mass Shootings in America
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